Cohort Matrix - Which one are you?

January 25, 2021

We originally created the Millbourn Ross Cohort Matrix to help us identify firms appetite for M&A alongside the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The emergence of distinct cohorts can be categorised by their attitude to a growth strategy and M&A, alongside the financial, regulatory and operational pressures that have developed as a result of the economic climate.

Cohort characteristics include;

The Impacted

  • Revenue Change: Reduced fee income of up to 30%
  • Finances: Downward pressure on cashflow/finances - this is likely to play out more significantly into 2021 when government support ceases and the true impact of Covid surfaces.
  • Succession: Challenges to hire and retain talent presents longer-term succession planning challenges.
  • Technology: Pace of technological change becomes costly to maintain in order to compete.

The Reformers

  • Revenue Change: Experienced a low or modest up to 15% impact on fee income
  • Growth: Maintain aspirations to grow to retain or gain competitive edge and access economies of scale.
  • Funding: self-funded or financed with banking partners, so tendency to adopt a Team or bolt-on approach.

The Ambitious

  • Growth: Significant growth agenda - desire to grow revenues by multiples of 2, 3 or 4 and ultimately grow the bottom line.
  • Funding: Private equity backed or significantly funded via banking partners
  • UK Opportunities: Real desire to acquire firms in the £2m to £15m revenue range across UK. Maybe merger of equals?

The Established

  • Revenue Change: Limited impact on revenues from Covid.
  • Growth: The largest firms find it difficult to move he needle on revenue with organic or lateral hire startegy, yet very disruptive to explore large-scale merger.
  • Outcome: Business as usual.

The Specialists

  • Revenue Change: Limited impact on revenues from Covid.
  • Growth: Pursuing an organic strategy.
  • Status: Leader in area of specialisation or boutique firm.

To full report explores more detail around key findings, pinch points, priorities for growth and key considerations. You can download the full 9-page report below.

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